Banana Magic (bananamagic) wrote in what_we_all_lov,
Banana Magic


ha ha daydreamer, i see the government has brainwashed you like the rest of them. it is not BANANAS that we must fear, but LIMES!!! have you not seen them popping up everywhere?? inconspicuously at first, yes, but they are growing, oh yes they are growing. have you seen Coca-Cola's latest offering of Coke Lime??? and then yesterday I ordered a simple carne asada taco and they served it to me with, you guessed it! - a LIME!! i didn't order a lime, but it was there anyways, staring at me from the little paper plate. needless to say i threw the food and ran, but it is only thanks to my quick actions that i am alive today!

limes are useless too, is there anything they give us that the lemon does not?
havent you ever wondered why they named a crippling disease after this fruit (Lyme disease) if it really is so harmless? well just a fair warning to all you impressionable kids out there: just say NO to Limes!

and keeping on topic with the forum, i really dig waterbeds
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