Xenu (daydreamer4267) wrote in what_we_all_lov,

DAMN! Shhh... they will hear your type. The limes are one of the biggest conspiracy theories of our time. The government has implanted special devices in them which would appear as DNA under an electron microscope! They are tracking us all, and when the time comes, this special invasion we have ingested will KILL US ALL! It will be worse than the super flu. Hopefully, we will be survivors. All we can do is hope.

I totally love pillows. Mostly, I love my pillow. It has attended all of my travels since the fourth grade. Pillows ROCK!

ya know... thats what happens when people who don't know what they are doing mess around with uranium and atom splitting. The radiation affects our banana improts. It is a shame that this rare form of banana mutation exists. We may loose a few ducks. We may eat a few less banans. Thank God that the entire banana industry was not affected. We would have bloodshead on our hands. You see, we have to get them before the mutate further. Stop them at the point of orgin, or all civilization will suffer the concequences. Plus, once they are exterminated, we can go back to our regular banana and duck eating ways and not fear that the mallard species will cease to exist.
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